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Serenity Subsistence Permaculture



These are the basic principles from which I hope to grow a functioning, collapse-aware, NTHE-prepared,  community. mossy trees SSP

We are

Buddha ssp

Radical Respect
A deep appreciation based on empathy for the other person’s current functioning and for the context within which her or his suffering arose; an equally deep appreciation for her or his coping methods, survival strategies, and the inner wisdom that sought to keep her or him alive. (Jean Baker Miller)

4 thoughts on “Serenity Subsistence Permaculture

  1. The use of the acronym NTHE in NTHE-aware was intentional. Those who are will not require translation. This interested enough to google and then read up and who still are interested … well let us call it a litmus test.

  2. Highly recommended. A free ebook from one of the wisest and most competent individuals i have ever encountered. Towards a compassionate collapse an absolute must read. http://www.lulu.com/shop/risa-bear/toward-a-buddhistpermaculture-ethic-for-smallholders-and-others/ebook/product-21456282.html

  3. hello abundant decent, I do know you from Facebook ( thanks for accepting my friend request). My awareness of these issues really took off around 2007 when I watched a presentation by James Lovelock to the Royal Society. Shortly after I found Paul Chefurka’s site. So I’m very much aware of the idea of NTHE and I continue to read about the situation daily. So I guess it was was inevitable that I would eventually come across your blog. I don’t know much about permaculture, but I do have a background in home building/ renovating ect. And I just moved back from BC to the Ottawa Valley ( living at Biodynamic farm in Nepean). I moved to Perth Ont. from Brantford in 93 to take Heritage Carpentry program at Algonquin. I had property and lived in rural Lanark County for many years. I think the Renfrew area is very beautiful and I have enjoyed many canoeing adventures on Ottawa Valley rivers. So at the very least I’m interested in what you are doing. So I’m thinking I may be able to give some advise in the area of building/renovating ect. if you’re looking for that. Cheers John

    • Awesome, John. Did you know Matty grew up in Brantford, and we live in Paris, now? My BFF lives in Nepean. Once we are settled in, we’d be happy to have you over! Would love to visit your biodynamic farm, too. I looked into biodynamics, and was in love with Waldorf as a teen. Look forward to meeting you in person!

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