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Pirate squirrels love me

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Pirate squirrels love me

This glorious alum is blooming in the shade garden outside our back fence. It’s a “volunteer” , meaning we didn’t plant it. Our amazing neighbour, Linda, however, did plant some alum…which later disappeared from her garden. We suspect this is a case of the pirate squirrels stealing bulbs from her and replanting them in my garden. Gotta love those pirate squirrels! Sorry Linda! The variegated leaves are lamium, one of my favourite shade plants. You can also see the rampant ivy planted almost a decade ago. The plants have worked out their own arrangements over time. Gaia is a superior artist.


Fresh greens and growing garlic

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Fresh greens and growing garlic

Tucked up against the mud room, propped up on milk crates, two black-painted boxes hold a variety of cut-and-come-again lettuce and garlic. The taste of this lettuce is amazing compared to the mixed greens we usually buy at the supermarket.

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Seeds = Serenity

Seed Sale!

Serenity Project – First Year – Post # 1

Our local farming store has a seed sale on – 25% off, so we made our first major investment and our first step toward self-sufficiency in food… seeds, glorious seeds!


Nitrogen Fixing, Edible Legumes

Sugar Snap Peas (*A = Annual *H = Heirloom Variety 150g)

Lincoln Homesteader Peas (*A *H 200g)

Scarlet Runner pole beans (*A *H 100g: bonus: really pretty flowers)

Tendergreen Improved bush beans (*A *H 200g)

Pinto Beans – dry, pole bean (*A)

Other Vegetables & Fruit

Bright Lights Swiss Chard (*A – Bonus: Beeeeauuuutiful!)

Baby’s leaf Mixed Lettuce (*A *O = Organic Seed)

Mixed Mesculin (*A)

Jolly Rosso Sweet Red Pepper (*A)

Bonny Best Tomato (*A *H)

Beefsteak Tomato (*A)

Lungo Della Cina Cucumber (*A)

Buttercup Squash (*A *O)

White Scallop Squash (*A *O)

Spagetti Squash (*A)

Danvers Half-long Carrots (*A *H)

Atlas “Paris Market” Carrots (*A)

Countess F1 Parsnip (*A)

Marion Swede Turnip (*A Bonus: Cold tolerant)

Crimson Sweet Watermelon (*A)

***WANTED: Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes — will we buy seed potatoes or grow from grocery store? Wild Strawberry plants, Raspberry bushes, Rhubarb, Goji Berry, Popping Corn***


Cilantro (*H Bonus: Pretty flowers)

Garlic Chives (*P = Perennial)

Chives (*P, I think – Bonus: Pretty flowers)

Russian Tarragon (*P)

Dill (*A)

Giant of Italy Parsley (*A *O *H)

Summer Savory (*A or *P?)

Thyme (*A or *P? unknown)

Rosemary (*H *Tender Perennial – we’ll protect it and hope for the best)

Sage (probably *P)

Basil collection (*A includes Thai, Genovese, 2 greens and a purple that I can’t identify)

Dwarf Munstead Lavender (*P Bonus: one of my favourite flowers)

***WANTED: Marjoram, also I will try growing my culinary fennel — at which point I can make Herbes de Province

Edible/Medicinal Tea  Flowers (all beautiful)

Chamomile (*A)

Taiyo Sunflower (*A Bonus: for the birds in winter)

Autumn Beauty Sunflower mix (*A – Bonus: for the birds in winter)

Nasturtiums (*A vine)

More flowers/Companion Plants

Perennial Wildflowers Mix (*P – 24 varieties – contains many useful & edible/medicinal, I hope)

Old fashioned Mixed Pinks (*P)

Carpet of Snow Allyssum (*A – 2 packs – oops!)

Calendula (*A)

Carpatica Blue Bellflower (*P)

Russel Mix Lupines (*P)

Climbing Sweet Pea – Spencer Giant Mix (*A)

Pacific Giant Delphinium (*P *H)

Blue Compact Agastache (*P)

Goldsturm Rudbeckia (*P)

Marigold (*A – Hero Mix F1 Hybrid)

***WANTED: Clovers & Stinging Nettle – which we may have already

Treats for Kitties (Hopefully a distraction from our other plants)

Catnip (*P)

Cat Grass (*A)

Groundcover for the walkways between our future raised beds:

Creeping Thyme (*P)