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In memory of Abu Ward


So. Let me begin by saying that this video is naked Western propaganda.Both sides are bombing Aleppo. Both (all) sides are responsible to stop this ongoing nightmare. Do we have the politics out of the way now?

I want to remember this man. Abu Ward, “Father of the Flowers.” I want to tattoo his name and his world view in my heart. His wealth was his garden and he thanked Allah for its resilience. Abu Ward is my brother.. I am grateful for this propaganda because it introduced him to me.

Abu Ward displays an attitude familiar to me. He is like DoYū Risa Bear. This man is like every collapse aware farmer and gardener and permaculturist on Eaarth. This man is like every one of us who consciously plants a garden and tends to its beauty in the face of a global situation we know is deteriorating and increasingly deadly.

His attitude and his spirit are what we need to keep moving through this. To keep planting through this.

In a way, we are all living in Aleppo. And I do not mean to minimize what the people of Aleppo are suffering. I am perfectly aware that I cannot conceive of Aleppo, of living in a city under constant bombardment. The resource and climate wars are in full swing in Syria. We remain protected in Canada, the US, many places.

I do though also see a resonance here: Aleppo is what is coming. Aleppo is already here. Aleppo is drought, it is torrential rains, rain bombs, flooding, sink holes, craters in Siberia, melting ice at all three poles, glaciers receding.. Aleppo is also ocean acidification, the increasing temperatures, the weather extremes, rising seas, mass extinction, resource depletion, and human conflict to struggle over the last crumbs as we tear the planet apart seeking “a good life.”

Aleppo is also then a symbol of the situation that we all face. A preview of the near future for the still resource & climate-privileged.

Let’s redouble our efforts to force our governments to make peace. For Aleppo. Let us stand with the Red Cross and international aid agencies who are calling for an immediate cease fire. Let’s do this in memory of Abu Ward and for his children.

And let’s stand in solidarity with this incredible man, this gardener with his priorities straight. Let’s do this knowing that we (in many ways) share his fate. Symbolically and, perhaps very soon, literally. Let’s be brave. Let’s be fierce. Let’s plant flowers, propagate trees. Let’s be like Abu Ward, gardener of Aleppo.(Not, actually the last, by the way.)

Author: abundantdescent

... an Anglo-Canadian supporter of Idle No More, a diagnosed mad-womyn, resident of the prettiest little town in Southern Ontario, a trained anti-oppressive, feminist, a mom of 3 delightful rebels, a pan-spiritual mysticist, a life partner to a loving & popular bartender, an anarchist, a person blessed with fantastic friends, a mixed media artisan, a formerly homeless "welfare mother," a collapsitarian "doomer," a herder of 2 crazy cats & one teenage momma cat with 4 wee kittens, a permaculture-ing gardener, a long-winded, passionate, fatally-flawed & wise, facially-tattooed crone-in-the-making.

2 thoughts on “In memory of Abu Ward

  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful write-up about Abu Ward, the father of flowers. I am so happy that you visited my blog and in so doing I discovered yours. How amazing a blog!

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