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Serenity Project: Seed Order January 2016

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This is the seed and tuber order placed in January 2016 for Serenity Subsistence Permaculture.

Hope Seedjerusalem-artichokes

Jerusalem Artichoke – Passamaquoddy Potatoes : 1 lb (7052-LO-A)
Quantity: 1
Price: $10.00 ea.

Jerusalem Artichoke – Skorospelka : 1 lb (7054-LO-A)
Quantity: 1
Price: $10.00 ea.

Products $20.00
Shipping $14.00
GST $0.70
HST8 $1.12
Tax Total: $1.82
Total: $35.82


Comfrey Common Bulk Seeds $ 10.00 g 1 $ 10.00

Rapini SowNatural(tm) Bulk Seeds $ 0.70 g 10 $ 7.00

Pre-shipping Order Total = $ 17.00 Shipping and Handling: $ 6.02 Sales Tax: $ 2.99 Grand Total: $ 26.01


Heritage Harvest Seed


Heirloom Broccoli – Romanesco
$3.95 CAD 1

Heirloom Rhubarb – Old Homestead
$3.00 CAD 1

Heirloom Herb – Salad Burnet
$3.95 CAD 1

Heirloom Herb – Lovage
$3.00 CAD 1

Heirloom Herb – Hyssop
$3.00 CAD 1

Heirloom Herb – Florence Fennel
$3.00 CAD 1

Heirloom Herb – Angelica
$3.00 CAD 1

Subtotal: $22.90 CAD
Discount: -$0.00 CAD
Tax: $3.62 CAD
Shipping and handling: $4.95 CAD
Total: $31.47 CAD

TreeSeedsPlus (Ebay)

siberian pea treeSiberian Pea Tree, Caragana arborescens, Seeds (Hardy, Fragrant, Hedge)…

Russian Almond, Prunus tenella, Shrub Seeds (Fast, Showy, Edible, Hardy)…

Red Rugosa Rose, Rosa rugosa rubra, Shrub Seeds (Fast, Hardy, Fragrant, Edible)…

Rockspray Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster horizontalis, Seeds (Hardy Showy Fall Color)

Lowbush Blueberry, Vaccinium angustifolium, Seeds (Edible, Showy, Fall Color)

Black Mulberry, Morus nigra, Tree Seeds (Hardy, Edible)

Japanese Pagoda, Sophora japonica, Tree Seeds (Fast, Showy, Fragrant, Bonsai)

White Rugosa Rose, Rosa rugosa albiflora, Shrub Seeds (Fast, Hardy, Fragrant)

Highbush Blueberry, Vaccinium corymbosum, Seeds (Edible, Fall Color, Hardy)

Sea Buckthorn, Hippophae rhamnoides, Seeds (Fast, Edible, Hardy, Showy)


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