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Manifesto for an Abundant Descent into Human Extinction 1

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Manifesto for an Abundant Descent into Human Extinction
Point One
Reality dictates, along the lines suggested by Limits to Growth, and with evidence of climate collapse accumulating daily, that we all redefine our imaginery of “what remains possible.”
Of course, everyone is doing that every day in response to localized signals from our environment. Meanwhile the global machine (The Empire) obfuscates the situation even as it acts to desperately keep itself chugging and (increasingly) sputtering along.
For those on the “left” and especially the environmentally conscious left, it is quite easy to spot this absurd denialism in the “right.”
It is considerably more difficult to spot it in our own speech, our own activism, our own pet organisations and beloved memes.
In his first post for Pray for Calamity td0s argues that “The predominant view of the so-called “climate justice movement” however, is that industrial civilization can continue in a fashion that allows modern western people to live essentially as they do now, with only a handful of tweaks. “
As anyone, left or right, who has carefully considered the Peak Oil perspective is well aware. This is impossible.
td0s is aware, and so he continues, arguing for “the need for social movements that are fighting drivers of climate change to accept a view of a low energy future.”
So the first point in my manifesto is
*I accept the reality of energy descent. I accept that there are no solutions available to prevent energy decline. I will organize my life to reduce my need for transportation fuels and electricity as rapidly and as completely and as compassionately as I can.*
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