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An open letter to the intoxicated man and the woman with him in the ER last night…

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Alcoholism and cars. My family has had enough of this bad combination, and then some. Can an alcoholic stop drinking? I do not believe they, or any other addict can choose to stop. This is the story I get from the Alcoholics Anonymous blue book. I believe it. Being an addict myself, I have experienced the inability to stop. i have also (blessedly!) experienced stopping. For some folk, the 12 steps, when fiercely pursued, bring a sudden lightening and relief from the compulsion to use. I believe this is some kind of Grace, rather than the result of a choice made in the conscious mind. Who knows why some addicts stop and others don’t? This goes out with a prayer, to anyone or anything listening: Please forgive that i cannot hand this over and surrender it. My family has had enough. Please no more. let no more of our drunks kill themselves, mutilate themselves or harm others. And please no more accidents resulting from the drinking of friends and strangers. We have lost limbs and lives aplenty. Cut us some slack.

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Dear intoxicated man in the ER,

You didn’t see me in the ER last night, but I saw you. You were very intoxicated, I could tell that from the minute you walked through the sliding doors. The woman who was with you was very pregnant, and looking sad and worried. I could relate to her because I remember those feelings from when my father was still alive and wreaking havoc in all our lives because of his alcoholism.

I was in the ER at the same time as you because someone making bad decisions decided that driving his car after apparently consuming alcohol was a good idea, he decided that, and the consequence of his decision impacted my family. My daughter and grandson, and her best friend and her fiancé were in an car accident last night. An accident caused by someone’s bad decision. Luckily no one was excessively hurt…

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