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We are part of “natural biodiversity”

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We are part of “natural biodiversity”

At this link (click on title above) is a Q&A session with Guy mcPherson. It followed a screening of Mike Sosebee’s new film. One man asks Guy if he supports the idea that it is “ecological” to live in cities as a vegetarian, rather than move into a “pastoral” setting. This is a very popular idea these days. We should (it goes) “leave natural biodiversity” alone and congregate in dense clusters with other humans to minimize our impact on the “natural” world. 

This idea could only exist among people who have been ensorcelled by the ideology of so-called “civilization.” As we look about us and watch the utter destruction we are wreaking on the planet, it seems obvious that we are some kind of destructive organism. Of course, one must first believe that we could actually separate ourselves from Gaia, to so be opposed to her needs.

I submit to you that this is ridiculous. Even an astronaut floating on a space station is intimately connected to the web of life on Earth. All of her air, water and food, the materials to build her spacesuit and vehicle, it’s fuel, all of that has come from Gaia.

So, how about this. Permaculture. Starting from the rational premise that we are embedded in nature, dependent on Her for everything, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren developed a system for thinking about how we can fit in sustainably. They came up with 3 ethics to guide us and a number of principals. Basically, they designed a way, based both on modern science and on ancient practices, that we can live as a beneficial part of an increasingly abundant whole. That is our only way forward. Whether it is permaculture, regenerative agriculture, whole systems management…whatever…there are options available for sensibly integrating into any biome on earth (other than deep ocean or the Antarctic). Even the inherently problematic urban wastelands could conceivably be “permacultured.”

We are not, have never been and could never be separate from Gaia. We belong. We are wanted. We simply need to be self-loving, intelligent and ethical enough to seek our proper place in the glorious whole.

Author: abundantdescent

... an Anglo-Canadian supporter of Idle No More, a diagnosed mad-womyn, resident of the prettiest little town in Southern Ontario, a trained anti-oppressive, feminist, a mom of 3 delightful rebels, a pan-spiritual mysticist, a life partner to a loving & popular bartender, an anarchist, a person blessed with fantastic friends, a mixed media artisan, a formerly homeless "welfare mother," a collapsitarian "doomer," a herder of 2 crazy cats & one teenage momma cat with 4 wee kittens, a permaculture-ing gardener, a long-winded, passionate, fatally-flawed & wise, facially-tattooed crone-in-the-making.

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