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Pirate squirrels love me

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Pirate squirrels love me

This glorious alum is blooming in the shade garden outside our back fence. It’s a “volunteer” , meaning we didn’t plant it. Our amazing neighbour, Linda, however, did plant some alum…which later disappeared from her garden. We suspect this is a case of the pirate squirrels stealing bulbs from her and replanting them in my garden. Gotta love those pirate squirrels! Sorry Linda! The variegated leaves are lamium, one of my favourite shade plants. You can also see the rampant ivy planted almost a decade ago. The plants have worked out their own arrangements over time. Gaia is a superior artist.

Author: abundantdescent

... an Anglo-Canadian supporter of Idle No More, a diagnosed mad-womyn, resident of the prettiest little town in Southern Ontario, a trained anti-oppressive, feminist, a mom of 3 delightful rebels, a pan-spiritual mysticist, a life partner to a loving & popular bartender, an anarchist, a person blessed with fantastic friends, a mixed media artisan, a formerly homeless "welfare mother," a collapsitarian "doomer," a herder of 2 crazy cats & one teenage momma cat with 4 wee kittens, a permaculture-ing gardener, a long-winded, passionate, fatally-flawed & wise, facially-tattooed crone-in-the-making.

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