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Seed Sale!

Serenity Project – First Year – Post # 1

Our local farming store has a seed sale on – 25% off, so we made our first major investment and our first step toward self-sufficiency in food… seeds, glorious seeds!


Nitrogen Fixing, Edible Legumes

Sugar Snap Peas (*A = Annual *H = Heirloom Variety 150g)

Lincoln Homesteader Peas (*A *H 200g)

Scarlet Runner pole beans (*A *H 100g: bonus: really pretty flowers)

Tendergreen Improved bush beans (*A *H 200g)

Pinto Beans – dry, pole bean (*A)

Other Vegetables & Fruit

Bright Lights Swiss Chard (*A – Bonus: Beeeeauuuutiful!)

Baby’s leaf Mixed Lettuce (*A *O = Organic Seed)

Mixed Mesculin (*A)

Jolly Rosso Sweet Red Pepper (*A)

Bonny Best Tomato (*A *H)

Beefsteak Tomato (*A)

Lungo Della Cina Cucumber (*A)

Buttercup Squash (*A *O)

White Scallop Squash (*A *O)

Spagetti Squash (*A)

Danvers Half-long Carrots (*A *H)

Atlas “Paris Market” Carrots (*A)

Countess F1 Parsnip (*A)

Marion Swede Turnip (*A Bonus: Cold tolerant)

Crimson Sweet Watermelon (*A)

***WANTED: Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes — will we buy seed potatoes or grow from grocery store? Wild Strawberry plants, Raspberry bushes, Rhubarb, Goji Berry, Popping Corn***


Cilantro (*H Bonus: Pretty flowers)

Garlic Chives (*P = Perennial)

Chives (*P, I think – Bonus: Pretty flowers)

Russian Tarragon (*P)

Dill (*A)

Giant of Italy Parsley (*A *O *H)

Summer Savory (*A or *P?)

Thyme (*A or *P? unknown)

Rosemary (*H *Tender Perennial – we’ll protect it and hope for the best)

Sage (probably *P)

Basil collection (*A includes Thai, Genovese, 2 greens and a purple that I can’t identify)

Dwarf Munstead Lavender (*P Bonus: one of my favourite flowers)

***WANTED: Marjoram, also I will try growing my culinary fennel — at which point I can make Herbes de Province

Edible/Medicinal Tea  Flowers (all beautiful)

Chamomile (*A)

Taiyo Sunflower (*A Bonus: for the birds in winter)

Autumn Beauty Sunflower mix (*A – Bonus: for the birds in winter)

Nasturtiums (*A vine)

More flowers/Companion Plants

Perennial Wildflowers Mix (*P – 24 varieties – contains many useful & edible/medicinal, I hope)

Old fashioned Mixed Pinks (*P)

Carpet of Snow Allyssum (*A – 2 packs – oops!)

Calendula (*A)

Carpatica Blue Bellflower (*P)

Russel Mix Lupines (*P)

Climbing Sweet Pea – Spencer Giant Mix (*A)

Pacific Giant Delphinium (*P *H)

Blue Compact Agastache (*P)

Goldsturm Rudbeckia (*P)

Marigold (*A – Hero Mix F1 Hybrid)

***WANTED: Clovers & Stinging Nettle – which we may have already

Treats for Kitties (Hopefully a distraction from our other plants)

Catnip (*P)

Cat Grass (*A)

Groundcover for the walkways between our future raised beds:

Creeping Thyme (*P)

Author: abundantdescent

... an Anglo-Canadian supporter of Idle No More, a diagnosed mad-womyn, resident of the prettiest little town in Southern Ontario, a trained anti-oppressive, feminist, a mom of 3 delightful rebels, a pan-spiritual mysticist, a life partner to a loving & popular bartender, an anarchist, a person blessed with fantastic friends, a mixed media artisan, a formerly homeless "welfare mother," a collapsitarian "doomer," a herder of 2 crazy cats & one teenage momma cat with 4 wee kittens, a permaculture-ing gardener, a long-winded, passionate, fatally-flawed & wise, facially-tattooed crone-in-the-making.

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